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Clark Cty, IN: District needs tax increase for school security/new crisis counselors

July 9, 2018, Indianapolis, IN, Fox 19: Clark-Pleasant schools seek tax increase for school safety measures Whiteland, IN: Clark-Pleasant Schools administrators want voters in the district to approve a tax increase to pay for enhanced safety and security measures at school buildings…. “I think locally, at some point we’ve got to take control of our school safety for our students,” said Superintendent Dr. Patrick Spray…. Another component of the plan would include hiring new crisis counselors to identify and work with students going through emotional problems, and addressing those problems before students resort to violence. “Those crisis counselors would not only react and work with students and families in crisis situations, but also also run our anti-bullying programs, our suicide prevention programs,” Spray said. The counselors would also train teachers to identify troubled students. “Educate our teachers so they know what those indicators are when a kid’s in crisis, a kid is suffering through trauma, has different things going on,” he said. “So that they can then refer them to a crisis counselor or someone else so that the kid can get on our radar and get the services that they need.”…


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