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Claremont, NH: $650,000 to expand ASD program to address elem ed "social/behavioral challenges"

Nov 24, 2019, New Hampshire Public Radio: Claremont School District Will Create New Special Ed Programs With One-Time State Aid Claremont residents have approved a measure to spend one-time relief money the school district received from the state on three special education programs Thursday night. Six hundred and fifty thousand dollars will be used to create an autism program, start an alternative program at Stevens High School, and expand a program that serves students with social and behavioral challenges at an elementary school. Another $650,000 will go towards property tax relief. Michael Tempesta is the superintendent for SAU 6. He says he hears Claremont residents’ concerns about how new programs could affect the tax rate. But he says in the long-term, having programs in the district means schools won't have to send students elsewhere to get special education services…. According to Tempesta’s office, 24 to 27 percent of the special education budget is spent on sending students out of the district for services….

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