Cincinnati: Zoo holds "Quiet Day" for "those with sensory sensibilities"

June 30, 2021, WLWT TV, Cincinnati: Quiet Day at the Cincinnati Zoo helps those with sensory sensibilities

The Cincinnati Zoo was noticeably quieter Wednesday as it held special access to those with sensory sensitivities. Excess noise was silenced or turned down. “Elephants will still trumpet, but you won’t hear announcements or music over the PA system,” said Cincinnati Zoo director Thane Maynard…. There are sensory maps, sensory-friendly restrooms and adult changing tables. They are also going without golf carts that usually ride around at the zoo and the PA system announcements as well. "We really want the zoo to be a place where everyone can feel welcome and come so we really wanna make sure we make these special days so everyone can come out and enjoy the zoo," said Angela Hatke, who works in marketing at the Cincinnati Zoo…. They also have a calming room where families can go to regroup. "The Cincinnati zoo has a sensory kit that they can provide to them that has headphones and sunglasses and fidget toys and resources that really help," said Dr. Jen Smith, Head of the LEN Program at Cincinnati Children's….