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Cincinnati: District adds sensory room to high school; one planned for elem school

Sept 2, 2021, Local 12, Cincinnati: Local school has sensory room to help students decompress, reduce anxiety

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Ohio (WKRC) - Leaders in a local school district are thinking outside the box to help students decompress. The North College Hill School District dedicated space for students and staff to help reduce any anxiety or stress. It’s called multi-sensory environments, otherwise known as the Sensory Room. “The sensory room -- it's just incredible,” Lexie Groth, intervention specialist at North College Hill High School, said. The room is renovated to help reduce agitation and anxiety and encourage communication among the students. Teachers and staff are trained on proper use of the equipment, which includes a marble tactile wall, bubble tube, fiber optic tunnel on a vibro-acoustic mat and more. “We have a few students in particular who use it a lot. They are in there quite a few times a day. When they get overwhelmed with work or lights or lots of talking, they can go in there and the second they walk in is just -- they're instantly so much calmer,” Groth said…. There is one sensory room in the high school and another is being built in the elementary school…. Mack says she’s hopeful other districts follow suit because everyone deserves a space where they can decompress….


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