Chico, CA: "Wellness center" for students "who are anxious, upset, or otherwise unable to focus"

Nov 22, 2017, Chico (CA) ER: Chapman School establishes new wellness center for students Chapman School’s Room 19 feels different from the rest of the school. The blue room is peaceful with cozy couches and dim lighting, a quiet escape from halls filled with exuberant, and loud, young elementary school students. Room 19 houses the school counselor’s office and Chapman’s newly established wellness center, a place for kids who are anxious, upset or otherwise unable to focus to come to “reset” before returning to the classroom. “For our students it’s a place on campus where they can go — a safe place where they can regroup,” school counselor Ashley Trezza said. “We’re able to get to behavior before it comes an issue.” …If a student is distracted or disruptive and needs a few minutes to calm down and refocus, a teacher can send them to the wellness center, rather than disrupting class to deal with behavioral issues. “It’s a resource for our teachers,” Trezza said. Chapman has sought to open the center for nearly two years, Trezza said, and was able to do so this year when a classroom opened up at the school. The school recognized the need for the space in 2015, around the same time the district hired Trezza to help combat an increase in disciplinary issues and students dealing with stress and anxiety. In a 2016 interview with this newspaper, school staff described seeing an increased need among students for more social and emotional support to deal with trauma in their lives, and additional help needed for teachers to deal with disciplinary issues.