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Chesterfield Co, VA: Autistic 15 y.o. without school for a year

Sept 10, 2023, Richmond Times-Dispatch: Wendy Little talks about how lack of access to education has impacted her son

Wendy Little, the mother of a 15-year-old with autism, talks about her difficultly with the Chesterfield County Public Schools and how it has impacted her child.

VIDEO: …I have 2 children in Chesterfield County Public Schools… One of my children has autism and multiple other disabilities, the other does not.

The challenges have been quite difficult… He was not allowed to go to school last year. His transportation was never sent, and they did get a violation from the Virginia Department of Education for that.

My son should never have been denied access to the local public school last year at all. It’s significantly egregious. It does a lot of damage to the child…


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