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Chelmsford, MA: New behavior program for students with "emotional challenges"

Jan 9, 2019, Concord, MA, Chelmsford Wicked: Chelmsford program aids students’ emotional needs A new program to help elementary school children with emotional challenges is making progress, but faculty and staff are also finding areas in which to learn more. The School Committee heard a presentation on Jan. 8 from Molly McMahon, principal of the South Row School, where the program is housed, and Amy Reese, director of student services. The program, known by its acronym, STRIVE, currently has about eight students enrolled, McMahon said…. McMahon said she and Reese spoke with program staff, which includes a certified behavioral analyst, two special education teachers and to paraprofessionals, with additional support, including from school district guidance and psychology staff…. A pie graph showed that 76.8 percent of the time, students were able to stay in the general classroom setting. Molly said this number contrast with the chart’s 12.7 percent of time spent in breaks outside the classroom as a coping tool, and 10.5 percent of time of removal from the classroom, due to behavior reasons. … Asking about evaluation challenges, Newcomb said, “The primary disability is emotional disability. I know sometimes, you may see kids who have behavioral issues, but who are not necessarily good candidates for the STRIVE program.” … Lang built funds into the 2018-2019 school district budget, following reports, including from faculty and staff, about increased behavioral problems among some elementary school students. …


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