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Chatham, NJ: Autism therapy center opens

Following two years of providing in-home services to area youngsters with Autism, the Autism Learning Institute (ALI) finally has a physical space to be able to work with its clients….

“When center-based services shut down early in pandemic and educational institutions implemented virtual learning, children with developmental disabilities – especially those with Autism – were disproportionately impacted,” Kevin Moore said.

Unlike neurotypical individuals, and those with other developmental disabilities, children with Autism require one-on-one, hands-on therapy not able to be accomplished remotely.

The Moores, who live in Chatham Township with their two young daughters, saw a need for therapy services particularly locally.

“Our mission at ALI is to promote communication skills and social-emotional development of children diagnosed with Autism,” Ashley Moore said….

The center provides ALI with the capacity to be able to serve 20 clients per day via the private therapy rooms, social skills group space and gym/recreational area, in addition to its at-home services which will continue to be provided.

“There was a high demand for center-based services in our community coming out of the pandemic and we were experiencing that first-hand from our existing clients asking for it,” she said. “There was clearly a lack of high-quality center-based services in the area and we are now meeting that need.”

She said her favorite part of getting to help children with Autism thrive is seeing the quality of life for ALI’s clients and their families improve and celebrating their client’s successes along the way.

She said she and her husband Kevin are “incredibly excited” to provide these experiences to Chatham and the surrounding area.


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