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Charlottesville, VA: Local schools add "sensory pathways" "to help students stay focused"

Jan 18, 2019, NBC29, Charlottesville, VA: Jackson-Via Elementary Schools Special Tool to Help Students Focus For many kids, sitting quiet and still through an entire school day can seem like an impossible task. Now Charlottesville City Schools have a first of its kind tool to help students stay focused in the classroom. The new sensory pathway is the first of its class at Jackson-Via Elementary School and teachers there are hoping some small steps could yield some big results. Tucked away under the stair case in Jackson-Via Elementary School, kindergarten teacher Maegan Thim thought of a tool to help her students. "It’s this big puzzle, that's out on the floor, it has really bright colors, and it’s for students who need a break from the classroom they can go and do this. It almost reminds me of a fancy hopscotch,” said Thim…. Going through the sensory pathway can help students feel calmer, more at ease, and get re-focused. Teachers at Jackson-Via hope to see more projects like the sensory board, in the future. …


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