Charlotte, NC: School board considers $4.4M to hire additional mental health staff

May 4, 2018, Charlotte, NC NPR: More Mental Health Workers Sought For Increased Demand In Schools Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board members are considering a budget for next year that includes $4.4 million to hire 60 additional school counselors, social workers and psychologists. This comes after the fatal school shootings in Parkland, Florida…. “A lot of the stuff I see are anxiety issues, depression issues, thoughts of self-harm, even suicidal ideations,” Smith-Hogan said. “It’s complicated by factors such as poverty and student exposure to stress and trauma. Our students have histories that include physical and sexual abuse, neglect, exposure to violence and substance abuse within the homes.” … She said school psychologists don't have any time left over to give direct services to students or consult with teachers about the mental health and behavioral challenges they see in the classroom. Reeves said over the past five years, she’s seen more depression and anxiety in students. She said she blames increased academic demands, family problems and social media bullying. Reeves said the youth risk behavior surveys in North and South Carolina show that teens are committing more suicide attempts.