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Charlotte, NC: High school becomes "trauma informed" for students "acting out"

Oct 19, 2018, WBTV, Charlotte, NC: Why West Charlotte High became a trauma informed school Teachers and administrators say when students are exposed to violence – whether at home, in their neighborhoods, in their relationships, or being homeless - it leaves them traumatized. So the school’s principal is turning West Charlotte High into a trauma informed school. That means if students are acting out, teachers are on the look-out for why. … “Understanding and recognizing that they may have some trauma that is manifesting itself in some way in the classroom - so that’s the first step – having them understand what does trauma mean and where does it come from.” “When kids are acting out in the classroom, it’s about getting to the root cause of why. Why? What is the trigger that could have happened to create the student misbehaving or crying out for help in maybe a way that is a little different than just saying can you help me?” Dr. Barnes-Jones says teaching is still happening at the school. “They’re not thinking about math and Science and English. They have some needs that need to be met so it’s about saying I recognize that right now you’re hurting, something is going on and this is not the day for me to try to be business as usual in the classroom and I need to dig a little bit deeper.”


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