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(Channel Islands) Jersey: Children 'with lots of issues' involved in bullying others

July 4, 2018, (Channel Islands) Jersey Evening Post: Bullying in schools still a major problem, survey finds MORE needs to be done to tackle bullying in schools, a survey of Island youngsters has revealed. According to the survey, 125 children reported they had been hit while at school in the past month and around half of seven- to 18-year-olds who took part reported they had been called names at least once. … More than a third of primary school children surveyed said they had been hit in the past month at school while those figures dropped to around a quarter for secondary school children…. Mrs McMillan said: ‘There are lots of issues that children in Jersey have been raising with me. That is what we need to focus on – hearing what they are struggling with and doing what we can to tackle that….


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