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April 5, 2018, Central Maine: RSU 9 directors to begin deliberations on budget, superintendentOne need considered critical is an alternative education program at the elementary school level for 'non-regulated' students One need said to be critical is a proposed alternative education program at the elementary school level. … Principals gave an overview in December of what is happening in classrooms with students who are considered “non-regulated.” The term refers to students whose behavior “exceeds typical, occasional, inappropriate behavior, lacking control of emotions and impulses,” according to administrators. These pupils typically do not meet the eligibility standards for special education, according to administrators. There could be many reasons for the behavior, including adverse childhood experiences. Parents spoke to the board Tuesday about the effects of non-regulated pupils on other children, who sometimes do not feel safe in school. The parents urged the board to support the elementary alternative education program so all students will get the education they deserve.