Centerville, IA: 68% of students have had an adverse childhood experience

Oct 18, 2017, Centerville (IA) Daily Iowegian: How does childhood trauma impact our community? In the 1990s, the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study looked at the how negative childhood experiences can effect children’s development and lead to worse health and social outcomes for the rest of their lives, even significantly shortening their lives. . … Clark also handed out data gathered by Appanoose Family Alliance in the spring of 2017 about Centerville students in grades 8-11 using the ACEs Questionnaire. The data showed that 68 percent of students reported an ACEs score of one or more, 42 percent had a score of two or more, 31 percent had a score of three or more, 24 percent had a score of four or more and 17 percent had a score of five or more ACEs.