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Center Grove, IN: School improvements include sensory room where students can "calm down"

July 10, 2018, Franklin (IN) Daily Journal: Center Grove doing $4 million in projects ….This summer, about $4 million in work is happening at different Center Grove schools…. The list of work also includes adding a seclusion or calm down room at Bridges Academy, an alternative education program for students located at the academy building just south of the high school. The area will be a room that is empty with safe material on the walls and floor so students cannot hurt themselves, Center Grove Director of Special Education Allison Chance said. If students are overwhelmed or at risk of hurting themselves or others, they can go to this safe space to calm down, have one-on-one time with an adult and work to regulate their behavior, Chance said. The room is new to the building, though some other Center Grove buildings have spaces dedicated to a similar purpose, she said. The Bridges Academy already had a sensory room for students and a calming corner, giving students a space to get away from others and get the input they need to help calm them, she said. But this new space adds another layer of support for students, Chance said. “We didn’t have that next layer of support, when a student needs to be in a safe spot, and other techniques have not worked,” Chance said. Staff will work with students on how to use the space to regulate themselves so they can return to the classroom, she said.


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