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Centennial, CO: High school faced with seventh suicide

Oct 3, 2018, Fox31, Denver: Classes canceled for one day following Arapahoe HS student suicides CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- The Arapahoe High School community in Centennial is coping with two recent suicides of students. The question is why did this happen and could more be done to prevent this from happening? … Classes at the school were canceled on Wednesday. Students were instead allowed to go to the school for support. The latest deaths involve students at the school which was also the scene of a shooting in 2013. … One parent who asked not to be identified says something has to be done to help students. "This is wrong. We have now had seven suicides at the school. We’ve had a shooting at the school and I blame the administration for not taking a more proactive stand were children -- including children that I know -- have asked for it (help) and it makes me sad and it makes me so sad for these families that are going though this and it is unacceptable. It is just unacceptable." …


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