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Cape Cod, MA: Even Catholic schools have 11% of students with special needs

Mar 13, 2020,, Hyannis Port, MA: Beginning in the fall, St. John Paul II High School, St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School and St. Margaret Primary School will offer full-time direct special education services. Currently, 11 percent of students at the schools have learning differences and will be assisted by the new program. “Catholic schools are special places that should be open to all types of learners,” said school president Christopher Keavy. “With small class sizes and kind, flexible teachers, we do an excellent job making accommodations.”… The schools support Project Access, which is a coalition of faith-based non-public schools whose mission is to advocate for public resources to support non-public school students, such as special education services. This coalition will also ensure that non-public students in Massachusetts access the state and federal programs to which they are entitled even though their parents choose to send their children to non-public schools….


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