(Canada) Waterloo, ON: Elementary teachers face more violence in the classroom

Jan 23, 2018, Waterloo, Ontario, The Record: Alarm grows as more violent and unruly students lash out at teachers Reports are soaring of students hitting, kicking and biting in local classrooms. Teachers and education trustees are alarmed. Jeff Pelich has been punched in the arm and gut. He's been bitten and kicked. Students have pushed desks at him. This happened when he was teaching adolescents with poor mental health. … Pelich is local vice-president for the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario. His union is demanding that the provincial government provide more educational assistants, social workers and other supports to better understand classroom aggression and to help tamp it down. "This is the one issue in public education that must be addressed today. Not math scores. Not graduation rates. Not wellness. Violence," Pelich told the Waterloo Region District School Board. Reported "incidents of student aggression" have soared more than 50 per cent over two years in local classrooms, the public school board says. This peaked last September when more than 250 incidents were reported. …

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