Canada: Violent SPED students are "turning into a bona fide workplace hazard"

Dec 31, 2017, (Canada) CBC: Violence against teachers by students is turning into a bona fide workplace hazard According to one survey, 60 per cent of teachers have personally experienced violence on the job It was once considered a highly remote risk. But now, incidents of violence by students against teachers has exploded into a bona fide workplace hazard, one that my profession seems to be witnessing — and worse, tolerating — with alarming frequency. … That is: way too many teachers show an endemic reluctance to report and follow up on incidents of violence and harassment that they are made to endure. Compounding the problem is that many principals end up encouraging teachers who do come forward to "let it go" or "forgive." According to the aforementioned survey, nearly 25 per cent of teachers who experienced violence were told not to report the incident to police. Even worse, teachers are sometimes made to feel that they might have brought it on themselves. … The excuses are many, but some of the most common ones I have heard include knowledge or hearsay that the student is going through a difficult time at home. Another consideration that seems to give violent students de-facto immunity is a diagnosis of a learning disability such as oppositional defiance disorder or attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. …

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