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(Canada) Vancouver: School for kids with ASD 'at capacity'; over 40 families on waitlist

Sept 17, 2018,Global News: B.C. school for students with autism ‘at capacity’ as wait list grows An East Vancouver school is filling the void for parents of special needs children by providing a learning option for kids living with autism. It’s a problem faced by many parents of special-needs children: sometimes, the regular school system doesn’t work for them. One Vancouver school has been filling a void for children on the autism spectrum but its waitlist is now several times its capacity. … Started by two parents, PALS is the only year-round school of its kind in B.C. Partially funded by the province and by parents, the school must also raise $13,000 for every child. “We are at capacity in this facility and we have over 40 families who are waiting for the next spot,” Kasunic said. In March, PALS will move to a new building in New Westminster. It will provide much-needed space, but won’t do much for the school’s long waitlist. “I just don’t know what it’s going to open up t

he eyes of the government to understand that not everybody needs to be in a cookie-cutter school or can necessarily fit in that type of school environment,” mother Carol Humphrys said. “I think it’s a crisis.”…


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