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(Canada) Research: autism diagnosis TOO BROAD

Aug 22, 2019, CBC: Autism is overdiagnosed, suggests Canadian-led review DEBATE OVER AUTISM: The autism diagnosis has become so broad that it prevents a better understanding of how the autistic brain works, a Canadian researcher and psychiatrist says. Video: “We are now diagnosing and seeing people who identify as autistic who we may not have consider that way in the past, and their presentation may be a bit more mild. …” Dr. Danielle Martin: “This is what happens when you change the definition of a disorder. So we used to say there was autism and Aspergers and these different types of water tight compartments. And now there’s recognition that autism is a spectrum and we’ve enlarged that definition, so we’re necessarily now going to pick up more folks in that enlarged definition. I think we have to watch issues around social stigma and around overlabeling variants of new normal human behavior. People are different. …”


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