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(Canada) Regina: "Such high demand" for ASD support, a lottery system is used

May 5, 2024, Head Topics : High demand for autism support in Regina amid pressure on family caregivers 

Darla Bauche is the primary caregiver of her grandson Emmet . She says it can be very difficult to get Emmet accepted into different programs or camps. Parents of children with complex needs are crying for help as they face long waitlists and are being turned down for special needs centres and programs in Regina.

Most recently, Bauche had some luck when Emmet was accepted into a three-week summer camp program at the Autism Resource Centre. Organizers of the camp say it is the only one of its kind in Regina. But with 126 applicants, the camp only had room for 81.

The program has seen such high demand that applications now go into a lottery system to determine who gets approved.

The not-for-profit centre wants to start another summer program to keep up with demand, but the total cost for staff, space, and resources will be about $200,000. That’s why they’re looking to the government, or private donors for help.


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