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(Canada) Sask: Mom "pleading" for more autism support in school

Feb 6, 2024, CTV Regina: Sask. mother calling for more support in schools


A Moose Jaw mother is calling for more support in schools for children with autism spectrum disorder.

News clip

A Moose Jaw mother is pleading for better resources for her son who has autism.

Mother: For the sake of the future, we need to invest now. Invest in the school division and faculty within them….

My son’s brain is easily set into fight or flight, a common neurological response to stress which is also incredibly common in children with ASD.

This behavior happens in milliseconds, nearly without any warning….

Reporter: NDP leader Carla Beck says this has been a long term issue which is going to  have long time consequences for the province.

Beck: You see this in real terms. Children who are graduating this year from our schools in Saskatchewan have spent every year in school with fewer and fewer resources.

We have parents speaking out. We have students speaking out. We have teachers speaking out. We have school boards. …

Reporter: Classroom complexity has been a major sticking point in contract negotiations between teachers and the province, with neither side willing to budge.


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