(Canada) Red Deer, AB: In-school mental health therapist will be available

Dec 30, 2017, (Canada) Red Deer (Alberta) News: Mental health a priority for Red Deer Public Schools in 2018 Literacy, numeracy and mental health and wellness will be focus areas for the Red Deer Public School District in 2018, according to Board Chair Bev Manning and Superintendent Stu Henry who look forward to building on the district’s Education Plan and expanding student supports over the next 12 months. … “The other challenge that we’re working through is to have a really good, honest, open discussion with our community about student mental health and wellness,” she says. “I think that’s going to be an excellent conversation that we’re going to start. I don’t know that we’ll get all the answers that we need but I think it’s a community issue and we need to talk about it with our community and find out some ways we can better help our students and some of the mental issues and mental wellness issues that we are facing.” Superintendent Henry adds they’ve been working with Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services Mental Health to establish seven Mental Health Therapist positions throughout the district that work for Alberta Health but will be housed in Red Deer Public School buildings.