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(Canada) Quebec: Autism center to address 86% unemployment among ASD adults

Dec 13, 2021, Yahoo Finance: Construction of the Giant Steps Autism Centre

A symbolic groundbreaking ceremony was held this morning to announce the imminent construction of the new Giant Steps Autism Centre, a first in the country, that will make Québec a leader in autism education, research and services. Excavation work will officially begin this month and the doors of the Centre will open in the summer of 2023. A unique state-of-the-art building with a surface area of 66,500 square feet will be erected in the heart of the Technopôle Angus district in Rosemont. Furthermore, in collaboration with the architectural firm Provencher Roy, the Centre was designed to meet the specific sensory and perceptual needs of autistic people, particularly in terms of the organization of spaces, the choice of materials and the type of lighting. With great pride, Giant Steps Montréal underlined today another major step towards the realization of this ambitious project. The Autism Centre will offer lifelong services grouped under four main pillars: the Giant Steps school, an Adult Education and Employment Centre, a Resource and Community Centre and a Research and Innovation Hub. A Few Steps to Go to Reach the Goal Thanks to a major investment of $15 million by the Québec government last August and the valuable contribution of donors within the private sector and the community, 84% of the total fundraising goal has been reached, with more than $7 million still to be raised. As part of the Take a Giant Step for Autism fundraising campaign, which is still underway, the organization is looking to raise the balance in the private sector as well as from the federal government. Inclusive Recovery: People with Autism Can Contribute More Autistic adults have the potential and strong desire to become active members of the workforce and contribute to the economic recovery and the development of a more inclusive society. While a critical labour shortage is holding back the province's economic recovery, a surprising majority of adults with autism, approximately 86%, are unemployed or underemployed. Employers who have hired autistic individuals report above average overall job performance, less absenteeism, higher levels of accuracy in their tasks and many other positive qualities. There are also many positive impacts on the company culture, on the pride of other employees, on


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