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(Canada) Ottawa Sun suggests "autism lottery" to pay for desperately needed funding

Feb 24, 2019, Ottawa Sun: You Said It: Why not an autism lottery?
EDITORIAL BOARD WHY NOT AN AUTISM LOTTERY? In regard to the problems in Ontario and the specific issue surrounding children’s autism, in my opinion there is no question that the Ontario PC government plan for children’s autism is not perfect, but I do feel that it is better than the previous Liberal government plan because it does put money into the hands of every family in need. Is it perfect? No, but I think there is no doubt that every person in Ontario knows why the plan cannot satisfy the full needs of all families. … And here is one idea: Why not create an Ontario children’s autism lottery, with all proceeds going toward the care required for families struggling with this huge problem? We would then see just how many Ontarians care enough to be part of the solution. I know that I would certainly buy into this type of potential solution to help out…. Maybe it could be called the Ontario “Provincial Autism Lottery”, or PAL for short, and wouldn’t it be nice if every Ontario resident could be a “PAL” and participate? KEVIN SHEA OTTAWA

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