(Canada) Ontario: Parents call for better teacher training in autism

Oct 26, 2017, CBC (Canada) News: 72% of kids with autism don't get the help they need at school, survey finds When Christine Levesque's son Larz started kindergarten he was potty trained, but he soon regressed because she says the school's staff wasn't properly trained to deal with a child with autism. "I went in an hour earlier than I said I was going to to pick him up," said Levesque, who lives in the Niagara region. "I walked into the school and he was locked in a computer classroom in the dark with his pants filled with feces and urine." Better training and support services are just some of the things parents with children on the autism spectrum are calling for, according to a new survey released by the Ontario Autism Coalition (OAC). The group is holding a protest outside of Queen's Park Thursday morning, hoping to get the Ontario government to understand the challenges of raising a child with autism. … The survey found that 72 per cent of parents feel that their children don't receive the level of support they need from their schools. Parents feel their children are neglected, survey finds About 60 per cent of the study's 166 respondents were told by a professional that their child required one-on-one support from an educational assistant assigned exclusively to them, but only 17 per cent say their child has that support. … "One in six students have some sort of special need," she said.