(Canada) Ontario: 250,000 children have dyslexia

Aug 27, 2017, The Globe and Mail (Canada): Dyslexic kids in Canada deserve better They are the 15 per cent of children who are dyslexic. That means they’re headed back to an environment that judges them to be stupid. In many cases, they’ll be bullied and abused because people think they’re dumb – because they can’t read, spell or they mix up words and numbers.... …It is hereditary.... Sadly, Canada stumbles along. Authorities here prefer to label children who have difficulty reading, spelling and decoding as simply having a learning disability or LD. They get little or no immediate assistance. Our schools prefer to use the “wait-and-see” approach – wait for three years to see if the child improves. If no improvement occurs, then the child may be considered for psychological assessment that could take another two to three years. In Ontario alone, more than 40,000 children are waiting for assessment out of 250,000 who struggle with dyslexia. Tragically, assessment and intervention will come far too late for this group’s learning development. It is a “wait-and-fail” disaster. Of children with learning disabilities, 80-

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