(Canada) NS: Schools connect with more mental health services

Jan 8, 2018, (Nova Scotia, Canada) Bedford Sackville Chronicle: SchoolsPlus: more Valley sites equals more support More youth, families and teachers in the Annapolis Valley are benefitting from additional mental health and social supports that rolled out this past fall, says the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board’s (AVRSB) supervisor of School Support Services. … SchoolsPlus connects students and parents to clinicians, social workers and other supports for mental health issues like anxiety, depression, addictions or behavioural problems from triggers they may encounter at home or school, including impacts from trauma or poverty. … The program has rolled out incrementally to each of the province’s eight school boards since 2012 by Education and Early Childhood Development. … Now 73 per cent of schools across the province have access to it. The expansion created positions for three social workers — one to facilitate each hub site serving a family of schools — as well as a total of 11 new community outreach workers and eight new mental health clinicians.