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(Canada) Nova Scotia: 200 MORE support staff for SPED teachers

Sept 13, 2018, Global News: New education support staff receive training for Nova Scotia schools The addition of nearly 200 new support staff in schools across Nova Scotia is being referred to as part of a transformational shift in how education is delivered in the province. Those hired to take on the roles of behaviour support teachers, autism specialists and child and youth care practitioners among others, will soon land in their new positions within schools, many of whom are coming straight from a two-day training session recently designed by department staff…. “I’m really excited because I am looking forward to working with the children and the behaviour support staff and the administration in the school,” she explained. “And working with the children and connecting them to the community, working also with their families.” … Jacqui MacIntosh will be doing double-duty this year, filling the role of behaviour support teacher as well as vice-principal….

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