(Canada) Newfoundland: "More and more children in schools...are dealing with anxiety"

July 26, 2017, VOCM, St. John’s Newfoundland: Anxiety Increasing In Schools, Too Few Supports: Autism Society More and more children in schools today are dealing with anxiety and there are few supports in place to deal with it. That from the Executive Director of Autism Society, Scott Crocker. The Premier’s Task Force on Educational Outcomes has concluded that the province’s inclusion model is not working. Crocker says the needs of students have been falling by the wayside and anxiety is a major issue that has not been addressed from an educational standpoint. Education Minister Dale Kirby says learning and mental health often go hand in hand and it should come as no surprise that students who are struggling academically would suffer a certain level of anxiety. He says if a child is in grade six but reading at a grade three reading level, then there’s a good chance the child would feel anxiety being in the classroom.