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(Canada) Kingston, Ont: 5th autism therapy center opens; 'We are thrilled'

May 5, 2023, Kingston (Ont) Herald: ACT Learning Centre Expands Access to Autism Services in Kingston

ACT Learning Centre, a therapy center providing evidence-based assessment and intervention for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, and developmental delays, has announced the opening of its fifth private practice location in Kingston, Ontario. The new location, situated at 31 Hyperion Court Suite 202, will offer speech-language pathology and occupational therapy to children with developmental disabilities in Kingston and the surrounding areas.

For many children with developmental disabilities in the Kingston area, accessing services has been a challenge due to limited availability and long waiting lists. The new location is expected to bridge this gap by expanding ACT Learning Centre’s existing practice to the community.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring these high-demand services to a new community,” said Cindy Harrison, CEO of ACT Learning Centre. “Our continuous goal since opening our doors in 2019 has been to provide children with developmental disorders, and their families, access to the services they need.”…


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