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(Canada) Georgina, Ont: 700 kids with 'severe' ASD; "still much work to be done"

Georgina needs more than 'carrots for parents' from autism consultations
Impact of Ontario Autism Prorgam overhaul 'severe' for 700 children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder Despite upcoming consultation announced by the province last week regarding changes to the Ontario Autism Program that took effect April 1, there is still much work to be done if children and families are to be represented equitably — especially in Georgina [pop. 45,000] where there are at least 700 children with autism disorder spectrum. That was the overriding sentiment of Robin Konstantopoulos in a deputation to town council March 27, requesting it follow Bradford West Gwillimbury’s lead in asking the province to hit the pause button to conduct “meaningful consultation” with parents, service providers and experts in the field…. The province needs to focus on "better solutions” and not “carrots for parents,” she said, adding a needs-based rather than wait-list focus is still missing from the plan. …

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