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(Canada) Durham (ON) schools expect 350-400 MORE autistic kids next year

April 20, 2019, Durham (ON) Region: Durham school board expecting 350 to 400 more students with autism over the next year Board chair says budget process will be 'very difficult' The Durham District School Board is anticipating an influx of students with autism over the next year, as a result of changes to Ontario’s autism program. A new report says an additional 350 to 400 students with autism who have "significant needs" are expected by winter 2020 — about triple the normal amount. The report also says about 16 to 20 of the students will require “intensive supports,” which means two or more staff. School board chair Michael Barrett says it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to provide support for a child with complex needs. “The reality is, it will cost hundreds of thousands to be able to service and meet the needs of our most vulnerable,” he says. “This is going to be one of these dilemmas that not just Durham, but all school boards are going to face.”… Childhood budgets up to age 18 will be capped at $140,000 for kids entering the program before age six. Lifetime funding for those entering at an older age will be limited to $55,000….


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