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(Canada) Changes to Ontario's autism program reduces support at home

Feb 23, 2019, CBC: Educators, parents worry Ontario autism overhaul will ripple into the classroom …Some educators say that, with money spread so thin under the overhaul to Ontario's autism program, schools will be unable to support children with autism because they'll likely receive less treatment at home. Educators and parents whose children have autism say they're worried that a reduction in home support through the recent overhaul of Ontario's autism program could spill into the classroom. Upset parents have packed the public gallery at Queen's Park in the last week to voice their opposition to the recent changes, saying the new system doesn't work for many families with children on the spectrum. Under the changes, which come into effect on April 1, families whose children have autism will receive a budget in order to choose the services they want. Children under six are eligible for up to $20,000 a year, to a maximum of $140,000. Children over six get up to $5,000 a year up to the age of 18, with a maximum of $55,000.
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