(Canada) Calgary: Service dog "has done wonders" for student on the spectrum

June 25, 2018, Alberta, Global News: Calgary student with autism benefits from having service dog in school Jade McGarrigle is celebrating a full year of going to school with her service dog, Geo. The 11-year-old’s mom, Krystal Peluso, says the dog has done wonders for helping her daughter, who has been diagnosed with autism, deal with anxiety. “It’s been really relieving knowing she can go to school and she has a best buddy with her the whole time,” Peluso said Monday at Douglasdale School in Calgary. “He is going to make sure that she is safe, that she is calm and her day is going to be better because he is with her.”… “In the hallways he sometimes gets breaks without his vest on and so we will walk around and everyone can pet him,” Hrynuik said…. “But they talk to Jade and he really helps with the social aspect with helping her with confidence and going into different situations so she can have that comfort and calmness.”