(Canada) Calgary: Not enough resources for all the kids seeking mental health help

Dec 29, 2017, (Calgary, Canada) CBC: Requests for psychologists outstrip resources at Calgary public schools, critics say With just over 80 full-time equivalent psychologists on staff and almost 2,700 requests for their services last year, some stakeholders worry kids are falling through the cracks at Calgary's public schools. This year, the Calgary Board of Education says they had 333 referrals for psychological services in September alone — a number officials don't anticipate will shrink anytime soon. "We are seeing an increase," said CBE superintendent of learning Jeannie Everett. … Everett says it comes down to the numbers. "We have finite resources. Students need to access services as best and as quickly as we can provide it, but again there are some realities to the resources we have, and we work within the funding provided," she said.