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(Canada) Calgary, AB: 130% increase in mental health problems in teens over 10 years

Jan 7, 2018, (Canada) Calgary Herald: Public schools gather evidence on students growing mental health struggles Hoping to curb the rising tide of mental-health problems among youth, the Calgary Board of Education is gathering evidence on how large the challenge is, how learning is being affected and whether Alberta Health Services can help fund the growing need. As local hospitals face growing numbers of adolescent in-patients with mental-health issues, educators and trustees agree it’s time to support kids in schools — where they spend most of their time. “This is an enormous issue that is coming at us very fast,” said CBE trustee Julie Hrdlicka, who ran her re-election campaign last fall on creating “confident kids” through a new mental-health strategy. “There’s a lot of pressure on our kids these days. Technology is throwing a lot of information at them very fast. They’re dealing with social media, cyberbullying, stressors from parents, teachers — and they’re facing a lot of stress and anxiety.” Hrdlicka pointed to data from Alberta Health Services, which confirmed in-patient admissions for adolescents struggling with mental-health issues have increased 130 per cent over the past decade. Over the past year, the Alberta Children’s Hospital reported 395 mental-health admissions, while other Calgary hospitals combined admitted an additional 1,100 adolescents for the same reason.

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