(Canada) BC: SPED school $300,000 in the red; severe kids "schools can't deal with"

Dec 13, 2017, (British Columbia) Richmond News: Special needs school under threat in Richmond Glen Eden could close this month without more government funding A one-of-a-kind, Richmond-based independent school, for children described as having complex needs, is at risk of closing its doors this month, should it not get additional money from the Ministry of Education. Dr. Rick Brennan, executive director at Glen Eden school, said his accredited facility is about $300,000 in the red after a $200,000 education grant was lost and he gave some parents tuition relief this year, as operating costs rose. The 14 students who attend Glen Eden come from across the Lower Mainland. Brennan said they have a combination of factors — mental health, developmental and physiological — that prevent them from participating in public and private school programs. “They’re complicated kids and the schools can’t deal with them, or help them at all,” said Brennan. … Jacob, a Grade 4 student with autism, came to Glen Eden after attending a Catholic school in Surrey during his Grade 1 year. … Paul Sumandea’s daughter Alberta is a Grade 3 student who also has autism.