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(Canada) BC secondary school gets therapy dog to bring "a calm presence"

Nov 6, 2018, Revelstoke (B.C.) Review: Bringing a little bit of magic to Revelstoke Secondary School … Brushy is a yellow lab, trained by Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS) and placed with Dana Reaume to work in partnership with her at Revelstoke Secondary School…. “Brushy does a really great job at just bringing a calm presence and a connection to kids that are unconnected,” Reaume said. “He seems to have this magic way of wandering through the school and finding the kids that needs him, or the staff member sometimes too.” Brushy was raised by what PADS calls “puppy raisers” and given extensive training. He has travelled across the country and to see different experts and Reaume estimates that PADS invested between $30,000 and $50,000 in him. “These dogs are bred and university trained for exactly the job that they are going to do,” she said. PADS is recognized accredited through Assistance Dogs International, which sets standards for behaviour and training in assistance dogs that is “unparalleled” Reaume said. … “Just that pressure and that presence is such a grounding feeling and a lot of my students who have experienced trauma, who experience trauma daily, really utilize that service that he provides to ground, to be present in the day,” Reaume said. But it isn’t just the calming puppy cuddles that make Brushy so valuable. Working with Brushy also teaches kids to be assertive. …

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