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(Canada) BC govt funding school mental health programs; $3M investment

Feb 4, 2019, Global News: B.C. government launching new school-based mental-health programs The provincial government announced funding for new school-based mental-health programs focused on prevention, wellness promotion and early intervention. The NDP unveiled the $3-million investment on Monday that will include grants for all 60 school districts and independent schools for staff training sessions, parent information nights, the development of new resource materials for educators, families and community organizations, as well as student workshops. “With access to new mental-health programs in schools, students will get the help they need when they need it,” Education Minister Rob Fleming said. … The funding will also go towards improving the existing mental-wellness programs…. “Today’s students face social and emotional challenges that are becoming more and more complex all the time,” Mental Health and Addictions Minister Judy Darcy said…. The Ministry of Children and Family Development has also recently collaborated with Anxiety Canada to create new Grades K-7 anxiety prevention workshops and classroom resources. The program will run through May. According to the province, approximately 84,000 school-aged children experience one or more mental-health disorders at any given time and only one-third receive the specialized treatment they need.
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