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(Canada) ALL K-12 schools in Alberta required to have EpiPen on-site

Jan 23, 2020, Lethbridge (AB) News: New severe allergy protocols a welcome sight at Holy Spirit schools On January 1, 2020, the Government of Alberta enacted legislation that required all K-12 schools in the province to have at least one epinephrine auto-injector (EpiPen) on-site at all times. It also mandates that staff must undergo training to ensure they know how to help a student who is dealing with an anaphylactic reaction…. Ken Sampson, the new Superintendent of Holy Spirit Catholic School Division, says it has been a welcome addition to their 15 schools spanning Pincher Creek to Bow Island. … Within Holy Spirit, every school has at least one EpiPen, although, for locations where they have students of all ages in the one building, they will have multiple. Staff from across the division have been receiving ongoing training and schools have been upgrading their protocols thanks to pharmacists and healthcare providers….


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