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(Canada) Alberta school to add 'sensory room'; "a new way of calming themselves down"

Dec 18, 2019, Tabor, AB: Lethbridge News: “Sensory room” being built at Taber’s St. Mary School Overwhelmed students in Taber will soon have a new way of calming themselves down and back into a mindset where they can learn. Associate Principal Mark DeJong says staff at St. Mary School are working on creating a sensory room…. While students with autism and other sensory disabilities will certainly benefit from the inclusion of this room, it can be used to help any vulnerable students. Anxiety is another issue that many youths struggle with…. …so it could be for anyone who’s just having an off day or for kids who have autism.”… He estimates that they will need around $5,600 to finish putting the sensory room together….


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