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(Canada) Alberta: Area schools adding more sensory rooms; cost: $600,000

May 4, 2023, Bonnyville, AB, Lakeland Connect: Major funding going towards more sensory rooms in NLPS schools

Northern Lights Public Schools has announced putting aside more funding for sensory rooms in the coming years.

Putting sensory rooms in schools has already begun in the division, with North Star Elementary School in Cold Lake and Vera M. Welsh Elementary School in Lac La Biche being the first to have them built this year.

NLPs has set aside $800,000 to build these rooms in their schools, which often include self-regulating toys and tools, calming lights, and other features to help students “self-regulate.” “A sensory room provides students with a calm and comforting space to help them self-regulate,” said Grace MacLellan, the division’s Director of Inclusive Education and Community Supports, in a press release....

“This is a universal support designed to be used proactively to support students’ needs (like stress and anxiety) and not reactively.”

Sensory rooms are being developed at two more NLPS schools in 2022-202): Aurora Middle School in Lac La Biche and Bonnyville Centralized High School in Bonnyville. Other schools in the division are scheduled to have their sensory rooms created in 2023-2024 or 2024-2025. ...

An example of a sensory room which are being built in NLPS in the coming years. Image submitted: Northern Light


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