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(Canada) Alberta: $5M grant for mental health support in schools

May 14, 2018, Whitecourt Star, Alberta, Canada: Mental health support for all students is a must It was announced at the beginning of May that the provincial government would grant $5-million to support mental health in schools. The funding will be targeted towards hiring more staff and building health programs within schools. … Health Minister Sarah Hoffman has said that, “(they’ve) heard from concerned parents and educators of a growing need for counselling and another mental health programming.” … Students with the inability to sit still, who are unfocused and who rarely hand-in assignments on time, if at all, were often misinterpreted as lazy…. Mental illness isn't always visible on the outside and it's quite often misdiagnosed as something else. It's important that kids in junior high, high school, university and even elementary get the help they need sooner rather than later.

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