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Campus Security: Schools all over the US spending $$$ on security and mental health providers

July 23, 2018, Framingham, MA, Campus Safety: More Districts Approve Security Budgets as New School Year Approaches / School security publication … The Orange County School District announced Friday that in addition to millions provided by the state, it plans to spend $11.6 million of its own money on school security, reports WFTV. The school board met last week in a confidential session to discuss security. Outside consultants were also brought in to conduct an assessment of the district’s security and made recommendations, although details have not been released. The district is also in the process of hiring more than 50 new mental health workers for its schools. “We have 12 new district mental health counselors. We’ll be hiring nine more psychologists, five more social workers,” said Mary Bridges, the district’s director of student services. Additionally, the district is currently negotiating with law enforcement agencies to place at least one resource officer in each of its schools. ... Last week, Elizabethtown Independent Schools in Kentucky approved more than $35,000 for new surveillance cameras, according to WDRB…. Also in Kentucky, the Fayette County School Board unanimously voted in favor of a proposal that would implement a property tax increase to pay for security upgrades at its Lexington schools….

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