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Campbell Co, WY: District adds SPED position; 'more and more arduous to meet the needs'

 Jan 26, 2024, Gillette (WY) News Record: School district creates position to support special education

...School board trustees approved an assistant director of special programs position unanimously at the Campbell County School District board meeting Tuesday. The vote followed Deputy Superintendent Kirby Eisenhauer’s outlined need for the position — a position he said school district officials have contemplated for years.

Out of the local district’s 8,600 students, there are now about 1,100 who fall under the umbrella of an individualized education program, also referred to as an IEP. In education terms, an IEP simply lays out a plan filled with how instructors and the school district will support students with disabilities.

... Needs range from those with speech language difficulties to others with developmental delays or hearing issues….

Eisenhauer said the addition of the assistant director would help support instructors, as well as provide additional guidance for parents and students. He also noted the continued expansion of the special programs area.

Danforth said that expansion most recently included the addition of an Autism Spectrum Disorder program at Pronghorn Elementary School. The district now has two such programs at the elementary levels — the other is at Lakeview Elementary School. …

“As the number of students in the program has grown it’s just becoming more and more arduous to meet the needs of our kids and our families,” Ochs said Tuesday. ...


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