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Cambridge, MN: "Sensory bins" added to elem school classrooms to address student behavior

Nov 28, 2018, Cambridge, MN, Isanti County News: Sensory bins provide calming effects to CPS students In continuing to embrace the sensory needs of students, Cambridge Primary School has implemented sensory bins in its classrooms. During the Cambridge-Isanti School Board meeting Nov. 15, Cambridge Primary School Principal Rhonda Malecha and school social worker Denise Steinberg described the introduction of sensory bins in all of the classrooms, which has resulted in increased work production, on-task behavior, improved focus and attention, and a happier, more content student, they said. “Sensory bins have been used in special education for years and years, and now general education classrooms are using them too,” Steinberg said. Some of the items in the sensory bins include weighted neck wraps, balls, bottles filled with liquids or beads, a mirror for self-reflection, textured materials, toys, and feathers. … Steinberg explained the classrooms have posters hanging in them describing the different “zones” a child may be feeling: —Blue zone: Sad, sick, tired, bored, moving slowly. —Green zone: Happy, calm, feeling OK, focused, ready to learn. —Yellow zone: Frustrated, worried, silly, wiggly, excited, loss of some control. —Red zone: Mad, angry, terrified, yelling, hitting, elated, out of control. …


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