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California: More on 13 yr old with severe autism who died after being restrained at school

Dec 19, 2018, CA Village Life: School likely to face lawsuit A class-action lawsuit will be filed against Guiding Hands School, attorney Seth Goldstein told media outlets. Goldstein represents Max Benson’s family. The 13-year-old, who suffered from severe autism, died after being restrained at the El Dorado Hills School following what authorities called a violent episode. A preliminary investigation done by the California Department of Education has found that Guiding Hands staff may have violated state rules regarding student restraint. The state suspended the school’s certification effective Dec. 5. It remains open but cannot accept new students…. Benson was described as being 6 feet tall and weighing 280 pounds by sheriff’s officials. “Where that information came about, his height and weight that was reported, I don’t know,” Goldstein said. “His parents reported he was about 5-4, at most 210 to 230 pounds. We know in January when he last saw a physician, he was 5-3, 180 pounds. There’s clearly a discrepancy

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