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Cadillac, MI: New center offers autism treatments; prompted by "increase in demand"

May 30, 2018, Cadillac (MI) News: Ribbon cutting for Autism Center of Michigan Parents of children with autism will have access to more services provided by Autism Centers of Michigan at their new location at 932. N. Mitchell St. The provider of Applied Behavior Analysis services has provided in-home services locally for two years. An increase in demand prompted the new location in Cadillac, now one of five locations statewide. "We are treatment providers," said Jon Timm, clinical director of Northern Michigan. "We are not diagnostics. We develop treatment plans to help children learn appropriate behavior and develop skills to reduce their problem behavior. If we can reduce one problem behavior, we've created an impact ... Even having a child that yells all the time, if we can adjust that, we can change entire lives."

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